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The New Girl In Town (That is, BBN PT Town!): Emily Lewis!

As many of you know by now, BBN Physical Therapy opened a second location in September last year. What you may not know is that we had a really, really difficult time finding a second full-time therapist and clinic manager. No, we aren't terrible employers. No, we don't pay a low salary or ask folks to work terrible hours. Yes, there is a shortage of physical therapists in the area. Yes---we are 'picky'. We knew who we wanted from the beginning and ya'll, we are so grateful that she eventually said "Yes!" (she's a good friend of you will read, there's only so much whining she could take from us about being short staffed).

Please take a minute to read our entertaining interview with Mrs. Emily Lewis, BBN Physical Therapy's newest DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy) and Clinic Manager.

RANDOM BBN PT INTERVIEWER: What's the best part of your job as a physical therapist?

Emily: I like that I can help people to feel better or function better all while telling jokes, singing songs and getting advice or tips from people in all different walks of life. I love that we get to spend enough time with patients that we can really build relationships with the people we treat - and truly improve their quality of lives.

RANDOM BBN PT INTERVIEWER: What made you decide to become a physical therapist?

Emily: I love being in a job that I believe in - I want to do my part to help educate the population on the benefits of exercise on their health! I loved the idea of combining my interest in health and human physiology with activity and socializing. Let's get serious, though.. I can't sit still for 2 minutes, so you certainly wouldn't find me in a desk job! I can move around and talk all day, so my husband doesn't have to be the recipient of all of my energy and jabber.

RANDOM BBN PT INTERVIEWER: Where did you attend physical therapy school and undergrad?

Emily: I went to Marquette University for undergrad, majoring in Communication Studies and Education, graduating in 2005. I got my teaching license, but never taught. I worked as the Assistance Camp Director at Aldersgate Camp and Retreat Center instead. A few years later I took some classes at UK and then attended Duke University School of Medicine's Doctor of Physical Therapy program, graduating in 2015.

RANDOM BBN PT INTERVIEWER (interrupting): Um...hold up.....Why in the heck did you go there (to Duke)? You better have a good explanation...or we'll be back to recruiting PT's.

Emily: My dad went to Duke for grad school, too, so I decided to apply to Duke and UK. Truth is, Duke buttered me up and UK didn't even put enough postage on my acceptance letter for the mailman to leave it, so I had to go pay 10 cents to get it from the post office.

RANDOM BBN PT INTERVIEWER: Okay, that makes some sense but what we need to know is WHO DO YOU ROOT FOR IN BASKETBALL?

Emily: I grew up a Wildcats fan, so a Wildcats fan I will stay (but I route for Duke or Marquette when they play anyone other than UK).

RANDOM BBN PT INTERVIEWER: Close call. We are flooded with relief--you can keep your job. By the way, why did you decide to accept a job at BBN Physical Therapy?

Emily: I like fun. I like costumes. The staff at BBN is fantastic. They are hilarious and laid back, but serious about growing as clinicians and challenging each other. I also got sick of hearing Kris whine about how much they needed another PT.

RANDOM BBN PT INTERVIEWER: We appreciate your honesty. We'll talk to Kris about the whining. What are your favorite things to do in your free time?

Emily: I love to get outside on a beautiful day and go for a long run. I can be pretty happy on a hike in the woods, too. When the weather is right and I've saved my pennies then I head to the ski slopes for some down hill skiing. If the weather is not so good, or if I've reached my exercise goal for the day, then I like playing board games!

RANDOM BBN PT INTERVIEWER: Finally--what's your favorite joke?

Emily: Well I do better with songs... I have one about a tortilla. Actually, it's more of a wrap.

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