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Low Back Pain


Low back pain is one of the most common and debillitating injuries seen by physical therapists, and can truly affect the quality of one's life.  Both Acute and Chronic back pain are treatable, and proper examination by our physical therapists can set you on a path towards pain free living. We STRONGLY encourage those of you with 'new' low back pain to make physical therapy your first choice. Studies are showing that physical therapy first, before other options such as taking narcotics, getting an MRI of visiting a surgeon, leads to a quicker decrease in pain and is substantially less expensive. 

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Herniated Disk
Physical Therapy Lexington, 40509, KY, Sciatica

A "bulging" or "herniated" disk can be a serious injury that may lead to spinal surgery if left untreated.  Common in lifting type injuries when the spine is stressed in a flexed or bent over position, a disk injury is best treated as close to the time of injury as possible to improve outcomes.

Often called "Sciatica," when the Spinal Cord nerve root is pinched a patient may experience pain that shoots into the buttocks, thigh, or even all the way to the foot and ankle.  With proper identification of the root cause, our Physical Therapists can assist your recovery to relieve those pains and remove the cause at the source.

Physical Therapy Lexington, KY, BBN, 40509
Muscular Pain
Spinal Stenosis,  Physical Therapy, BBN, Lexington
Spinal Stenosis

We help people of all ages in Lexington quickly recover from their pain and injuries so they can get back to doing the things they love without having to rely on painkillers or frequent doctor visits!

Whether you "Pulled a muscle" or "threw your back out" our Therapists can assist in your recovery. These injuries are often due to muscle imbalances and poor mobility in the spine itself.  By treating the injury and correcting the underlying causes, we can help you prevent reoccurances in the future!

"Stenosis" means "abnormal narrowing of a body cavity. Spinal stenosis is the closing down on the space in which our Spinal Cord and Spinal nerves run and can be a potentially dangerous situation.  Proper postural and strengthening manuevers can resolve or stop the advancement of your spinal stenosis, bringing you pain relief in the wake.


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