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Cervical/Neck Pain


Neck pain can present as a dull ache, sharp pains in the neck or arm, or even as headaches.  Knowing the cause through careful examination gives our Physical Therapists the knowledge on how to best treat your specific case.

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neck pain, BBN Physical Therapy, headaches, Lexington, KY, 40502
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Disk Herniation


A herniated, or bulging, disk in the cervical spine can lead to signficant localized pain in the neck, or present as pain/numbness/tingling down either or both arms. Early treatment can be most beneficial, but treatment at any stage is best when performed by a knowledgeable licensed Physical Therapist.

Stiff/Painful Neck


"I must have slept on it wrong, but it's hurt for weeks" is a common complaint we hear.  Why wait weeks, or even months to seek relief from pain? Our PTs can begin the process to restore mobility immediately and give you the tools to prevent reoccurance in the future.

Cervical Stenosis


When bone spurs, posture, or other spinal abnormailities begin to close the space down that nerves run through, one will experience and achey and painful neck. If left untreated postentially dangerous issues may arise.  Our PTs will give you the tools to prevent advancement and improve the condition through a mobility and strengthening  program.

We help people of all ages in Lexington quickly recover from their pain and injuries so they can get back to doing the things they love without having to rely on painkillers or frequent doctor visits!

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