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About BBN Physical Therapy...

"We help people of all ages in Lexington quickly recover from their pain and injuries so they can get back to doing the things they love" including...

Youth Athletes

Who never want to miss a minute of the game or

take time off from the gym. 


Adult Athletes 

Who want to be FIT and ready for the next round of golf, their weekly run club night at the local brewery, or pickup game with your buddies over the weekend. 


Sensible Men and Women

Who know that painkillers are NOT the best answer and who feel let down by the healthcare system that only offers medications and surgery.


Patients Recovering From Surgery

Who want to get back to their normal lives as quickly as possible.


Workers Comp & Auto Accidents

Who aren’t willing to let an unexpected accident keep them from doing what they love to do.


Patients With Neurological Diseases Like Parkinson's

Who want to maintain their independence.


Active Seniors

Who know that gray hair and a wrinkle or two doesn’t have to come along with pain or falls.

Want To Get Relief Faster?

Choose Which Works Best For You...

Our Story...

BBN Physical therapy is a locally owned, outpatient physical therapy clinic. Our belief is that each patient deserves one-on-one attention and an individualized plan of care to claim victory over pain and dysfunction.

Our mission is to provide you with the education and tools necessary to eliminate pain now AND in the future.  With a hands-on and tailored approach, we treat the CAUSE so that you can prevent reoccurrence. 

The clinic setting is designed to be a community space so that our patients can enjoy the rehab process, not dread it. When we are having fun in the clinic, our patients are more active and demonstrate improved outcomes.

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