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Post-Operative Physical Therapy


The decision to undergo surgery does not come lightly, neither should your choice on where to perform your Post-Op Physical Therapy.  At BBN Physical Therapy we work with the operating physician to create a custom rehabilitation protocol to restore fget you back to doing all the things you love.

Total Joint Replacement


Following a joint replacement it is imperative to restore mobility safely and correctly to ensure success of the operation.  The work put in by a patient in the first two months post-op will result in the function of that joint for the rest of their lives.


Our staff has extensive experience caring for and treating post-op joint replacement patients, and by maintaining close ties to the operating physician we will get you up and moving exactly how your surgeon requires.

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Shoulder Surgery


The shoulder has the most mobility of any joint in the body with the least amount natural stability.  Because of this, following a Rotator Cuff repair or a Labral repair, the operative shoulder is vulnerable to reinjury. Proper progression of a surgical shoulder repair is essential to to quality of function one will have following rehab.


Everyday tasks from showering, to loading groceries in the car require significant amount of strength and mobility of the shoulder joint.  Let us at BBN Physical Therapy guide you through the processes necessary to returning to pain-free everyday life.

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Sports Medicine Rehabilitation


Post-op sports medicine involves a wide array of surgeries; from ACL repair, Meniscal repair, Hip Scopes, and fracture repairs.  


From initital post-op care to return to action rehab, our therapists are equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to make sure you are back to doing exactly the activities you want to do.

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