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This Patient Started With A Simple Conversation
With A Physical Therapist And Look How Happy He Is!

Wes K.

Every once in a long while, you run into someone in the service industry who you can tell “just genuinely cares”. In the medical profession, I’ve found that increasingly difficult to find. I’m so thankful to have found it in Kris Winders! After a lifetime of sports, my right shoulder began to develop arthritis, which was preventing me from continuing to play…something I still love to do. After visiting 2 other PT’s, I came to Kris, and recognized immediately how different he was! For starters, everyone in Kris’s office is HAPPY to be there! Patients, staff, Kris…everyone. Everyone is joking and laughing, and I look forward to my appointments. In today’s world, that’s so hard to find, which makes me appreciate it that much more! And…Kris fixed my shoulder, and fixed it well. I just finished Fall softball, and start Spring ball this weekend. Thank you Kris, for fixing my shoulder! But most of all…thanks for being an example to the rest of the medical providers out there. You’re what every doctor and therapist should be!

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