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We help people of all ages in Lexington quickly recover from their pain and injuries so they can get back to doing the things they love without having to rely on painkillers or frequent doctor visits!

Parkinsons' Rehab: LSVT BIG

Recent research has shown that early intervention of health and exercise programs can be quite beneficial for patients with Parkinson's Disease.  These programs have demonstrated improvements in balance, coordination and independence level.  LSVT BIG is a program designed to utilize big movements performed at a high frequency to promote improved strength and coordination.  This intensive program is administered in 16 sessions over a 4 week period. Patients are then transitioned to a home exercise program aimed at maintaining gains and improving overall quality of life. Please note that principles of the program can be utilized for assisting patients with other neurological conditions as well.  If you have any questions about the LSVT BIG program, don't hesitate to give us a call.  We've included some videos below to demonstrate a few of the exercises.

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