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Britt Colston
DPT, Director of Women's Health
Britt Colston, PT, DPT graduated from Belmont University in Nashville, TN with her Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2012. After working for 5 years in Nashville, life has now led her back to Lexington, the city she was born, to continue her career as a full-time pelvic floor specialist. Britt has undergone extensive training in physical therapy interventions for all conditions related to pelvic floor muscle dysfunction, pregnancy, and postpartum recovery. 
Britt is a mother herself of two wild and beautiful boys, which has only furthered her understanding of the struggles women face through all stages of creating a new life. She is passionate about educating women in prevention and providing them with the knowledge and behavioral modifications needed to manage their symptoms and improve their quality of life.
Additionally, Britt brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in manual techniques and neuromuscular re-education exercises designed to decrease tension and abnormal holding patterns in the tissues and to regain the functional strength and stability the body may have lost.
Britt has four years of experience using surface electromyography(sEMG)-assisted biofeedback. This service is used by the therapist as an evaluative tool for pelvic floor muscle dysfunction, but more importantly to provide visual feedback to increase patients’ awareness and understanding of how to use their muscles correctly.
Britt is new to BBN Physical Therapy, but shares the clinic’s vision to see an increased awareness for women’s health/pelvic floor issues among medical providers and the public and to provide readily-available, high-quality and specialized care for women and mothers to live pain-free, fully functional lives.
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