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If you find a turtle on a roof...

I was fortunate enough a few weeks ago to get to hear Transylvania golf legend Michael Ray give his Hall of Fame induction speech. He started with this statement... "If you find a turtle on a roof, you can bet it didn't get there by itself." I found it to be a very humble, funny, and honest way to express the sentiment that we all have so many people to credit for the blessings in our lives. Whether failure or suceess, we rarely get there alone. As BBN Physical Therapy approaches our one year anniversary/birthday, I thought that Thanksgiving would be the perfect time to express our gratitude to some of the people that have allowed us to make it through Year One. I know I'll forget some people, but here's my attempt at being as inclusive as possible...

First, to Courtney, Britney, and Valerie- Thanks for your love, trust, support, and tolerance in letting your lesser halves invest so much time, energy, (and money) in making our vision a reality.

To Craig McAnelly at the Bluegrass Area Development District- Thanks for helping us find the right resources to get our business started.

To Coby Adkins and the staff at Town & Country Bank and Trust- Thanks for letting us use some of your money and taking good care of ours.

To Brandi Mason, Mark Wiemer, and all the great people at Commerce Lexington- Thanks for our ribbon cutting and the continued support of the Chamber to help grow and develop our business.

To Nick Landers and Catherine Hess at RevLocal- Thanks for helping people find us on the internet, and for all your valuable wisdom on networking and marketing in the digital age.

To Randal Baker- Thanks for turning our vision into a cool logo.

To Daniel Collins, Mark Stovall, and the folks at Image360- Thanks for our great signs, our business cards, and our brochures.

To Lori and A' la Carte Promotional Products- Thanks for all your help with our sweet T-shirts.

To Ernie "The Cleaning Preacher" Heavin- Thanks for keeping our office looking shiny and new.

To Jeff Musgraves- Thanks for helping two tired and frustrated guys carry 500 pounds of exercise equipment up our stairs.

To Taylor Mayberry and Bri Lester- Thanks for using your observation hours to do more than observe. You were the best free labor money couldn't buy.

To Kelly Agee and the rest of the girls at Manpower Staffing- Thanks for all the mail you've kept for us, the random stuff you let me borrow, and for just being great neighbors.

To John Davis and the staff at Neace Lukens- Thanks for keeping us properly insured.

To Bill Farmer at HTI Tax- Thanks for helping us navigate the tax side of small business.

To Chris Rambicure- Thanks for helping us get all our legal and operational documents squared away.

To Mary Chambers, Angie Ross, and Bianca Arvidson- Thanks for your help in understanding and navigating the credentialing process.

To Gretchen Roentz- Thanks for all your advice, referrals, and all the other ways you've helped us this year.

To Bill Williams, Trish Manning, and the rest of the staff with Rehab Medical Billing Servies- I've always said I know how to rub a butt, I just don't know how to get paid for it. Thanks for knowing how to get paid for it.

Yves Gege- Thanks for driving me to Lexington to get this thing going. Thanks for sharing your ambition and creativity with me as you've walked a similar road over the last 12 months.

To John Mart with Imagine Physical Therapy- Thanks for trusting me enough to let me run one of your clinics for so long. I would never have been able to start this clinic without the experience I gained at Imagine.

To Callie Mood, Danielle Burch, and Allison Carnes- Thanks for being available to answer questions about bookkeeping and administrative procedures and all the other stuff I took for granted when you did it so effortlessly.

To Laura Sluce Luckett at Blazin' Images- Thank you for your awesome work on our referral pads.

To Jenny Hofe and the folks at ADP- Thanks for taking care of our payroll and keeping us compliant with all our tax stuff.

To Neal Metcalfe- Thanks for helping us find a great space to call our home.

To all the doctors that have trusted us with their patients- Thanks and we are forever grateful for your trust.

To all our current and past patients- Thanks for trusting us with your health. We are humbled and grateful for the opportunity to get to know you and join you on your journey back to health.

To Rachel Grigsby and Lauren Thorn- Thanks for being smart, funny, talented, and compassionate. Your big hearts and big smiles make BBN Physical Therapy a fun place to spend 40 hours a week.

I know I've missed some and I'm sorry if you read this and I left you out. Thanksgiving blessings to you all.

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