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Grand Opening of BBN Physical Therapy Women's Health

“I am very excited about this endeavor,” said Britt Colston, PT, DPT, who is BBN Physical Therapy’s Director of Women’s Health. “Our goal is to increase awareness of pelvic floor issues and to help make quality, specialized treatment available to women in all stages of life.”

Pelvic floor rehabilitation is a specialization within the field of Physical Therapy that continues to grow as women are educated on conditions that are “common, but not normal.” This specialty focuses on the physical and functional impairments related to pelvic floor conditions (such as incontinence, prolapse, and painful sex), pregnancy, and postpartum care. BBN PT Women’s Health has the goal that every woman understands that there are treatment options for these issues and that they can be discussed openly and freely. “I believe the body wants to heal itself,” continues Colston. “It just needs the resources and support to do so.”

To learn more about Britt, check out her bio here. To learn more of the conditions she is skilled at treating, please visit our Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy page.

Feel free to call Britt to set up a free phone consultation or email her at Enjoy pictures of our beautiful new clinic below!

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