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Patient Spotlight: Comedian, Carl Hurley!

This month we’re spotlighting the one and only Carl Hurley. If you enjoy standup comedy and haven’t heard of Mr. Hurley, we encourage you to look him up. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed him and know that you will too.

What is your occupation and interests?

I am a former university professor turned humorist/comedian in 1982. My hobbies are reading and fishing.

How did you injure yourself?

My hand slipped off my car door handle and I fell backwards and hit my head on a concrete driveway.

How did your injury limit you in your daily life?

For a year of so I could not practice my profession and could not walk very well (had to use a walker or cane).

What did your treatment consist of? Working with therapists at BBN PT to improve my walking and use of muscles in my legs and shoulder. I still come in a couple of times per week to use the bike and weights to maintain my current level.

How are you now?

I am doing very well now. I walk without my cane and my overall condition is improving weekly. I have already recommended BBN PT to several of my friends and I will continue to do so!

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