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Patient Spotlight: Cecilio Reyes

Meet Cecilo Reyes! We very much enjoyed having him as a patient at our Old Todds Road clinic. We're sad to see him go, but glad he's back to doing the things he loves!

BBN: Please tell us a little about yourself.

Cecilio: I am 27 years old and I am currently a student at BCTC going back to school for a Criminal Justice degree. I like working on cars and playing sports.

BBN: Why did you first start coming to BBN PT? What type of injury/problems were you experiencing?

Cecilio: I started coming because I was having knee pain due to a motorcycle accident and playing too much soccer. I was referred her by my doctor.

BBN: Before coming to PT, how were you limited in your daily life?

Cecilio: I was always having pain doing just regular everyday things. Enjoying my hobbies became more of a pain because of my knee pains.

BBN: What has your treatment consisted of?

Cecilio: Stretching, massages, exercises and taping.

BBN: What was your least favorite part of your treatment with us?

Cecilio: My least favorite part was realizing that the therapy is working and that coming here is slowly coming to an end. This is definitely a very welcoming place where even on on the worst of days, you leave here with a smile.

BBN: What was your favorite part of your treatment with us?

Cecilio: Hands down the staff and environment. I actually looked forward to coming to therapy twice a week. Also, the music is always good and the sweet desserts!

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