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BBN: Better Balance Now

We get asked almost every day, "What Does BBN Stand For?" Well, the answer for this week is Better Balance Now! In honor of Fall Prevention Awareness Week, we wanted to get the word out on our Fall Prevention Program. The National Council on Aging released the statistic that and elderly American is seen in the ER for a fall related injury EVERY 11 SECONDS! Fortunately, many falls are easily prevented and getting older doesn't necessarily mean that falls are in your future. At BBN, we've developed a program to screen folks for their fall risk and identify areas that can be targeted for specific and quick improvement. The great news is it's all covered by insurance. Here are the details on Better Balance Now.

1) Includes a 30-minute Balance Assessment with an immediate Balance and Safety Score based on your flexibility, strength, endurance, and functional balance

2) Twelve sessions with a trained physical therapist to address your personal balance needs

3) Simple, safe exercises you can practice at home to improve your balance

4) Receive updated Balance and Safety Scores on visits 6 and 12 to track your progress and set new goals

5) Improve your confidence, independence, and reduce your risk of falling

As always, we are happy to provide a free 20 minute in-person or phone consult to determine if you would benefit from the Better Balance Now program. Simply call us to schedule, or email our Southland location at or our Old Todds office at Not ready for a consult? Don't miss our our Free Fall Prevention Ebook!

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