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Patient Spotlight: Brian, Knee Injury

BBN: Please tell us a little about yourself!

Brian: I'm an archaeologist by training and have the fortune to be able to earn a living doing something that I enjoy. My profession allows me to travel and to see places and people that I normally would not be able to see. As an archaeologist, I also have the opportunity to explore the region in sometime very rugged and remote terrain. As we work year-round, we often have to endure all sorts of weather conditions, that in some cases, make even hiking rather strenuous. Outside of work, I consider myself very active. I enjoy hiking, working out, gardening, and other “outdoorsy” stuff.

BBN: How did you injure yourself?

Brian: The “injury” is the result of having overly-tight upper leg and hip muscles that caused chronic knee pain. The tightness in those muscles also limited my range of motion.

BBN: How did your injury limit you in your daily life?

Brian: Walking stairs and hiking hills caused me a considerable amount of knee pain and the inflexibility of the upper legs and hips only aggravated my knee pain. The “injury” also prevented me from not being able to push myself to the extent I wanted. I couldn’t do some of the more strenuous activities that I enjoy doing, including trail running.

BBN: What did your treatment consist of?

Brian: My treatment focused on strength training and increasing the flexibility of my hips and upper legs. Both Kris and Jon contorted my lower body, stretching my hips and legs into positions that a normal person should be able to do on their own.

BBN: How are you now?

Brian: While my knees still hurt on occasion (all dependent on the activities that I'm doing and whether I'm been keeping up with my physical therapy exercises), the intensity and duration of the pain has been reduced considerably through the help of BBN. I've been able to hike those hills without as much pain. Basically, I'm doing much, much better.

If you have a friend or family member suffering from debilitating pain, we may be able to help. Most insurance companies now allow direct access to physical therapy meaning no referral from a doctor is necessary. Just call us and schedule! Thanks to all of you who have passed our name on--we certainly appreciate anyone you send our way and they will be well taken care of!

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